Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction To Simply Divine Barber Bootcamp

    • Introduction To Simply Divine Barber Bootcamp

    • What Will I Learn?

    • Requirements

    • Description

    • Who is the target audience an Why should I invest in the Barber Bootcamp?


  • 2

    Mid Shadow Fade

    • Shadow Taper Fade Guide

    • Mid Shadow Fade Video Tutorial

  • 3

    Bald Fade

    • Bald Fade Breakdown

    • Bald Fade Complete Tutorial

  • 4

    Mid Bald Fade

    • Mid Bald Fade Guide 1

    • Mid Bald Fade Guide 2

    • Mid Bald Fade Complete Tutorial

  • 5

    Mid Shadow Fade

    • Mid Shadow Fade Guide 1

    • Mid Shadow Fade Guide 2

    • Mid Shadow Fade Complete Tutorial

About the instructor

Barber / Instructor

Diondre Haynes

My name is Diondre Haynes, I go by DreTheStylist_ and I am manager/educator of the Simply Divine Barber Shop!I’ve been cutting hair about 8 years now and I can say it’s something I truly enjoy and have a passion for. not only do I have. Passion for the barber business but I have experience in ALL Hair types. Now that your ready to take your barbering skills to the next level! Simply Divine Barberboot Camp can help you get your barber skills up. I  believe that with hard work and dedication anything is possible and I  plan on taking my Dream to the top! Go TeamSD

More classes coming soon!

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More classes coming soon!